EASY. QUICK. ESSENTIAL… Get people to like you more

Two things determine what people think of you:

  1. Skills – how good you at your job; and
  2. Comms – how well you communicate with them

You need both.

Do brilliant work, but summarise it in a rubbish report… well, everyone thinks you’re rubbish.

Not fair?


But it happens.

So, a question for you…

Given how essential your communications are to your reputation…

… how often do you meet with your team - with the sole purpose of finding ways to communicate better?

Never, I guess?

Nobody does.

But your team’s communications are your shop window.

They must be good.

Or people will shop elsewhere.

In this short video, I show simple ways to transform your communications - and therefore what others think of you – without doing much work at all. Here’s how…

(And thanks to Keith Wallace for the excellent cartoons!)


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