Some great news…

To become brilliant at selling, you need master only a few skills.

And, once you have done, you use them every single sale.

In other words, mastering these few skills guarantees you’ll sell more than you thought possible.

Andy has grouped these skills into twenty themes. Each month, his videos give you the skills, confidence and scripts to master every one.

To keep things easy, each month is split into a few short, snappy videos. Watch one, press ‘pause’ and use the techniques/scripts straight away. It’s that quick.

As a member of his online video club, you get every one of Andy’s 143 videos. You can break things down so you get a few every month. Or use the Golden Key to unlock them all at once. Here’s a full list of everything you’ll master…




Video # and Title


The three steps to winning more sales
  1. What selling should be like (but isn’t)
  2. Mastering the Big Picture
  3. The three steps of best-practice selling – Andy’s simple ABC technique
  4. Step 1: finding the customer’s AFTERs
  5. Step 2: Build certainty quickly
  6. Step 3: offering compelling choices, so they buy
  7. Pulling it all together so it’s easy


Communicate with influence and impact
  1. How to turn wasted time into valuable time
  2. The three steps to better communication
  3. Mastering the first step (it’s something nobody does)
  4. Mastering the second - how to get people to do what you want
  5. Mastering the third – getting your content right
  6. The Sunday Night Pizza Secret


Advanced networking skills
  1. Networking made easy… and pleasant
  2. How to start a conversation (using lego to help!)
  3. Good questions to ask; and how best to answer what they ask you
  4. Where most people fall down, and how to avoid it
  5. The networking trick that matters the most


Delivering great presentations
  1. Why most presentations are doomed
  2. Compelling content - It’s not about what you say!
  3. Impressive visuals - what slides should look like, and why
  4. Impactful delivery  - how to keep your presentation flowing with pace
  5. Nervous? Don’t be. And here’s why


Proposals that win
  1. How to write persuasive proposals
  2. Five simple principles that underpin every successful proposal
  3. What you should you put in your proposal (and what you shouldn’t)
  4. FAQs – answers to the questions everyone asks about proposals


How to influence others
  1. Why influencing is critical … at work and home
  2. The two foundations that underpin successful influencing
  3. Technique #1: Getting to yes using ‘BO’
  4. Technique #2: For the folk who always say ‘no’
  5. Technique #3: Using advice to influence
  6. Putting it all together, so it’s easy


How to get more referrals than ever before
  1. The ideal way to get meetings with the ideal person
  2. What works – and what doesn’t – when trying to get meetings
  3. How to get referrals today – the rules
  4. How to get referrals today – a quick exercise
  5. The first step of getting your dream introductions
  6. Why ‘AFTERs’ govern the number of referrals you get
  7. Why referrals don’t happen very often, and what to do about it
  8. Proven referral-triggering scripts. Copy and use them!
  9. Annoyingly obvious referral advice


Differentiate yourself from the competition
  1. How to stand out above your competition
  2. ‘Facts tell, stories sell’ – how to use stories to stand out
  3. How to use ‘teaching’ to add value and differentiate yourself
  4. How underdogs win
  5. Simple little ‘delivery’ tricks, so you wow everyone who meets you
  6. Why you should have a ‘you’ obsession (fortunately, your competitors don’t)


Making every day successful and exciting
  1. How I do what I do
  2. How to get the work-family balance spot on
  3. Blinding glimpses of the obvious? Or tips worth their weight in gold?
  4. My take on your sales process, and how to transform it in minutes
  5. How to find time for those important folk who get missed because you’re ‘too busy’


Top Dog: impress and influence everyone you meet
  1. How to impress Top Dogs
  2. The bulletproof approach to wowing them immediately
  3. What to say to kick things off on the right foot (because, when you don’t, you never recover)
  4. Powerful openings – because big business starts with small talk
  5. How to respond to the scary things Top Dogs say
  6. A step-by-step summary of everything you need for your next Top Dog


How to say ‘no’… so you can focus on the stuff you want to
  1. Why saying ‘no’ benefits both you and the person you’ve said ‘no’ to
  2. How to deal with someone saying ‘no’ to you
  3. How to draw out – then remove – people’s reasons for saying ‘no’ to you
  4. A fundamental skills to master to say ‘no’- how to think in 3s
  5. The easiest way  to say ‘no’ to anyone, about anything


Sell yourself: get your dream promotion/job
  1. How to get the job of your dreams
  2. How to stand out from their alternatives
  3. How to write a brilliant resume/CV
  4. How to nail the interview, including the critical First Impression
  5. Asked to make a presentation at your interview? Here’s how to nail it


Wonderful sales workshops  - training best-practices
  1. Ensure delegates say ‘well, that was BRILLIANT’
  2. How to set the right objectives (and it ISN’T ‘to increase understanding’)
  3. Handouts can make/ruin a workshop – so, how to write brilliant ones
  4. How to start your workshop with a bang
  5. The ‘When Bell’ and why it’s an essential part of achieving your objectives 
  6. Keeping delegates fascinated throughout the workshop
  7. The negatives, and how to avoid them
  8. The only way to end a workshop


Coaching sales best-practices
  1. Why coaching matters, and the secrets of mastering it
  2. The problems with coaching, and how to avoid them
  3. How to start with a bang
  4. Brilliant coaching questions
  5. Overcoming coaching obstacles
  6. Coaching best-practices


Presentation Ninja
  1. The best presentation structures
  2. Two rules that underpin everything you present
  3. How to create presentations to lead/manage change
  4. Job interview presentations
  5. Make them shorter; make them better
  6. How to cascade information up/down your organisation
  7. How to instantly grab attention when you’re short of time


How to quickly review/ improve presentations
  1. Five simple ways to ensure your presentations are bullet-proof
  2. Step 1 – the most important slide – your last one
  3. Step 2 – a captivating start
  4. Step 3 – ensure the titles tell a story
  5. Step 4 – shorten everything by playing the ‘Keep, Trash, Appendix Game’
  6. Step 5 – make sure your slides are impressive, not rubbish


Time saving: how to free-up hours every week
  1. How I saved one customer two days per week
  2. A simple exercise to transform how you view your calendar and the time you can free-up
  3. Free-up time by saying ‘no’
  4. Free-up time by making things quicker, shorter and better
  5. Free-up time by changing your communication channel
  6. Calculation Time: so what’s your time saving?


Making the perfect sale
  1. What the perfect sale looks like
  2. The perfect kick-off
  3. The perfect relationship
  4. The perfect questions
  5. The perfect go/no-go decision
  6. The perfect sales meetings
  7. The perfect proposal
  8. The perfect sales presentation
  9. The perfect Big Picture
  10. The perfect close: how to seal the deal


Ten Top Tips to ensure today’s better than yesterday
  1. What’s getting on your nerves today? Here’s how to remove it
  2. Ensuring every communication causes action
  3. Meetings, meetings, meetings… how to remove, reduce or just get out of them
  4. Emails – how to write fewer, shorter, better ones… that work first time
  5. Presentations – ensure you thrive, not just survive
  6. Making every slide great
  7. Go verbal first, so your written comms become a confirmation, not an exploration
  8. Making your documents easy to read
  9. Getting the medium right
  10. Influencing – get an enthusiastic ‘yes’ super-fast
  11. Pricing – get the price you want (and a GREAT response to ‘can you do anything about price?’)


Super Summary – all the videos’ top tips in under an hour
  1. How best to use the Super Summary
  2. The three steps to winning more sales
  3. Communicate with influence and impact
  4. Advanced networking skills
  5. Delivering great presentations
  6. Proposals that win
  7. How to influence others
  8. How to get more referrals than ever before
  9. Differentiate yourself from the competition
  10. Making every day successful and exciting
  11. Top Dog: impress and influence everyone you meet
  12. How to say ‘no’… so you can focus on the stuff you want to
  13. Sell yourself: get your dream promotion/job
  14. Wonderful sales workshops  - training best-practices
  15. Coaching sales best-practices
  16. Presentation Ninja
  17. How to quickly review/ improve presentations
  18. Time saving: how to free-up hours every week
  19. Making the perfect sale
  20. Ten Top Tips to ensure today’s better than yesterday